COVID 19 pandemic has affected several companies. Razer is among the firms that survived the pandemic. The company took the situation to smash records in revenue, profitability, innovation, and raise its debt-free cash file. Market capitalization went up to HK $20bn (£1.7bn, $2.5bn). They also raised their revenue to HK $20bn (£1.7bn, $2.5bn) throughout the year. Below are some of the records the firm made.

The company got one of the most robust balance sheets in the industry since they improved debt-free cash to over $600m increased gross profit margin to 22.3% turned generally accepted accounting principles net profit of $ 0.8m. During the lockdown, Razer Inc got more hyper gamers and capsules, resulting in its expansion.

Innovation during the Pandemic

Led by Min-Liang Tan, Razer introduced new products that answered the questions coming from WHF. The fact that COVID 19 led to movement restrictions, the world shifted to operating on a more digital level. Razer took advantage and introduced a credit and payment system for gamers.

Adopting the Gamer Lifestyle

Razer came from a go-to hardware outlet for elite gamers. The presence of razer goods has led to its growth. However, it has evolved into the ecosystem for the gaming experience. Razer company has changed into digital payment services and leather chairs. According to crypto trading news, exports’ global revenue should rise to 68% up to 2023. Razer seems to have few products, but they are an influx for the users. See related link for additional information.

Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan

Min-Liang Tan is the founder and CEO of razer firm. Tan is responsible for overseeing and designing the firm’s products. Born in Singapore and lived in San Francisco. Min-Liang Tan graduated from the National University of Singapore law school and worked as a lawyer before joining the gaming world. Liang is one of the 25 most creative people in tech.

The Razer CEO is a committed and passionate entrepreneur based in Singapore. In 2005, the successful entrepreneur launched his business and leveraged his professional intuition towards its success. The gaming company has risen through the ranks to acquire a massive global following.


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