In career growth and sought-after leaders, Greg Blatt has shown him progress in managing some of the largest companies. The experiences he has gained have helped him to perfect his skills in any transition that he takes.

The journey of his success as a professional leader and goal-oriented CEO has seen him achieve trust in building accompanies and empower others. Since childhood, Greg Blatt was inspired and then the way of professionalism paved by his parents and his through his nature of open-mindedness.

After his studies, he decided to break the norm of seeking employment by opting to take the opportunity to find his destiny through the adventure of traveling. Greg Blatt got to see paces like Telluride, Reims, France, among others. He interacted with the locals and understood the different cultures that existed.

Through the experiences he gained, he decided to go back the university and study law. He found his inner calling to study other cases, which meant sound reasoning and putting logical arguments in order. In the line of study, he thought it to be more part of his brain exercising other than the actual study. See related link for additional information.

Joining a position as an Associate in the New York City-based law firm of Watchtell, Lipton, Rosen &Katz contributed tremendously to the growth and the space to grow his career as he was guided through by some of the most learned people. He found his passion in entertainment; Greg Blatt gladly accepted apposition at the Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, where his progression of knowledge and skills increased stealthily—revolving around high ranks and joined IAC, where he worked diligently to keep the company’s name. Through the line of duty, the sector of online dating was coming over in the market in which Greg Blatt utilized the chance in building what would become a successful match Group.

He contributed immensely to the growth of Tinder in his expertise and integration of creative skills as the CEO. He is a graduate with two degrees from Colgate University and the Columbia Law School.


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