Getting into a new business for the first time is never easy for most professionals. Desiree Perez had gotten used to her managerial responsibilities in United States nightclubs for over a decade and a half. After a fulfilling time in this management position, Perez met a famous musician, and together, they began an institution called Roc Nation. New positions always come with their share of new challenges. In her new business, Desiree Perez got to work as chief operating officer. The role was very new to the business executive, and it took a long time to adjust her skills to fit at Roc Nation. Being a hard-working woman made the executive find favor with most of her clients and business associates. The businesswoman won one of the top awards in the entertainment industry after being in this company for a few years. The other founders loved the kind of progress and growth at Roc Nation, and they gave her the position of chief executive officer years later. Getting the topmost position at Roc Nation was a dream come true for the intelligent woman.

Chief executive officer positions are not for the faint-hearted. Not everyone is brave enough to handle the major responsibilities when they become the chief executive officer. Desiree Perez was not a newbie in leadership when she became the chief executive officer of her organization. The well-organized leader performed all of her duties perfectly just like she had done when she was the COO. For her, this big position meant more work and commitment to the business she had grown to love. Keeping up with industry changed and growing Roc Nation is something Desiree Perez has one in the past years. The employees and everyone who visits the organization know that they have the best professional as leader.